Saturday, August 23, 2014

Smiles or Tears?

Okay, your classroom is set up and students will be starting soon. What can you do to help make a child’s first day of school a day of smiles rather than a day of tears?

  Home visits are an excellent way of meeting a child for the first time. When a child has the “home advantage” he/she tends to be more interactive. Playing, reading, and having the child share his/her interests establish a wonderful rapport with the child that he/she remembers when they see you on that first day of school.

        Send a welcome letter with your picture. If you can’t meet a child face to face, a picture of you is the next best thing. Let the child know how excited you are about his/her coming to your classroom. Add something personal about the child if you can.

  Have an informal open house in your classroom. Invite parents to bring their child to school before the first day of school so they can meet you and check out the classroom. Schedule parents to come a few at a time so you can spend some one-on-one time with each child.
   How can you keep their interest and focus on you the teacher?  What about creating a book about YOU the teacher? Or even a creating a quick Little Bird Tale.  This is a great app that you are going to want to learn and use in your classroom as well.  You can teach the child how to insert pictures from your camera roll, images and type text and record their voices reading the text.  Check out the one I made.

If the above suggestions are not possible, have everything ready before the first day so you are calm and prepared for anything that might happen. (We recommend a Plan B and a Plan C!) And smile!!

Little Bird Tales:  All About Me 

Ready to Go!


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Here’s hoping for a great school year!

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  1. I love your "Little Bird Tale"! I have never seen that app before, but I'll definitely need to look into it. Thanks for sharing! Hope your year is off to a great start! :)

    A Very Curious Class