Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School Buys: Math Products

100 Days of School!

Celebrate the number 100 using these fun activities that include earning their 100 day watch, 100 days t-shirt decal, and  many other activities. 

Working with Shapes: 

Working with Shapes came to be when I realized my kids were not making the connection between shapes and the environment so I incorporated other math skills that included: sorting, symmetry, tallying, graphing, counting, recognizing color words, and positional words. 

 Linking Language to Math

These challenging activities are designed to review language concepts such as top, middle, bottom, left, right, over, under, in front, and behind. The teaching and reinforcing of these concepts not only strengthen language skills but will also gain a stronger understanding of math concepts. The activities are also geared to improve students listening skills by listening to clues and following multi-step directions. These concepts are listed in the Common Core Language Standards for both Kindergarten and First grade. The activities can be used as a morning warm up, seat work during language time, warm-up to math activities, or at the end of the day. Linking cubes will be required to use for the activities or the students may color and cut the cubes that are included.

Number Art

Before moving on to learning other math concepts, a crucial math skill is to recognize and understand number relationships. Developing a deep understanding of numbers is the basis in which all other math skills can be applied. While you’re running guided reading groups, young student’s attention span is short and will need to be creating and doing hands on activities.  So why not cut, color, and glue large numbers? At the same time they are reinforcing number words, ten frames, tally marks and domino relationships. I use these pages as independent practice during the time that I need to run guided reading and math groups. It also makes a great math center as well as seat work for early finishers or homework.  This packet is designed to engage our youngest learners in hands on math art work that requires others skills such as fine motor skills.  It will work for prek and K as well as other early primary grades where students need remediation. I have also included some examples of how you can vary the number art!

 Rounding up Numbers:

These skills were initially designed for struggling kindergarten and first grade students in mind, specifically to meet the needs of students that continue to struggle with basic math skills.  Additionally, they could be used to support your math readiness in preK or younger K students who need at be challenged. It includes number recognition, ten frames, tally marks, dominoes, and counting objects.  Also, included in the packet, are blank templates to add your own math themes as well as for additional practice.

Venture into Venn Diagrams


There are twelve cut and paste venn diagrams  and twenty-six group activities – one for each letter of the alphabet.

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