Saturday, May 21, 2022

May 2022 Books to Read!

Bring back the prehistoric times and dinosaurs with nonfiction and fiction books.  Let your kids explore the amazing world of the dinosaurs through fascinating facts, amazing art, and engaging stories. There are several great poems about dinosaurs and learning the alphabet by exploring the incredible world of dinosaurs is great fun. Books about dinosaurs give kids the freedom of imagination. Day-dreaming about huge roaring beasts and tiny chicken-like dinosaurs might be a source of creative inspiration.

No dinosaurs swam in the oceans but our oceans are home to incredible animals. Dive into the world of sea horses and exciting stories about crabs and jellyfish. Kids love listening to and reading stories about zoo animals. Fun and engaging books about wild animals support learning and allow children to dig deeper into their favorite animals. You can use books to prepare kids for a trip to the zoo or after the trip. 

It might be a bit difficult and hard for young kids to grasp the importance behind Cinco de Mayo and books can offer an important supplement to teaching as well as provide awesome reading opportunities. Reading about Memorial Day is of course most of all a great opportunity to learn more about the meaning of this special day. But great stories also enhance your kids' reading skills.

It is a true pleasure to select Mother’s Day Books. You’ll find a wide range of stories about everything from supermoms to stepmoms and momma bears and the love of foster families. Reading is never a waste of time and finding great books to read in the month of May is easy. Inspirational books are waiting for you and your kids!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Products for May 2022

It’s Mayand here is a list filled with inspiration for May themes, events and holidays. Use these ideas to create your lesson plans and activities. Things will soon begin to slow down but May is filled with holidays and important days such as Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. 
On the fifth of May, Cinco de Mayo, Mexicans remember the Battle of Pueblo. In 1862, the Mexican Army won a battle over the French in Puebla. To commemorate this day there are parties and festivals with special food and decorations. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about Mexican culture. 

The second Sunday is a day to honor mothers and other mother figures - grandmothers, aunties, and stepmothers. This tradition started in 1907 in America, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother. Kids can learn more about the history behind the celebrations and make some crafts to celebrate important women in their lives. 

On the last Monday of May, we honor men and women who died while serving the United States Armed Forces. Many Americans visit cemeteries or memorials and hold family gatherings. Check out my Fact Booklet about Memorial Day for ideas about how to teach kids about this day. The resource comes with craftivities that will help kids to make a meaningful connection and develop a deeper understanding of the commemorations. 

There is a wide selection of animals that can be studied during the traditional zoo theme.  

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Importance of learning about other cultures:  Cinco de Mayo

Learning about different cultures and their holiday celebrations in a positive environment can help students learn to celebrate diversity. Teaching about other cultures enhances kids' understanding of the world. Kids learn not to stereotype people and cultural awareness may lead to sensitivity and an awareness that everyone is unique.
Cultural awareness requires that a kid understand things from multiple points of view. Taking multiple perspectives is a vital component in critical as well as creative thinking. Developing critical thinking skills is an essential part of education and critical as well as creative thinking skills help kids to work towards making the world a better place.

Teaching kids about different holidays and festivities such as the Mexican Cinco de Mayo can minimize the fears and misunderstandings kids may have about kids from another culture. The enhanced understanding may result in less bullying. 

Exploring Cinco de Mayo in your classroom is a great opportunity to teach kids about Mexican history and culture. When you introduce kids to other cultures, kids from another culture can have the excitement of watching their friends learn about their culture. They may share and explain their worldview to their friends. This can bring harmony to the classroom. 

It is crucial when learning about other cultures that you ensure that you use appropriate educational material. Misunderstanding and wrong facts can do a lot of harm, for example, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes wrongly described as Mexico's Independence Day, which is celebrated on the 16th of September. Look for books and resources that use correct information and go beyond stereotypes. Offer kids a wide view of different cultures and support them to understand that there is never a right or better way. We are all part of a global village and understanding different cultures are vital stepping stones toward achieving better relationships and even a more peaceful classroom. 

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