Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sight Words Can Be A Challenge!

After 38 years of teaching early childhood levels, one of the most challenging skills to teach young ones is SIGHT WORDS!   Teachers and parents find it difficult because the majority of work is a matter of practice, practice, and practice; therefore, not all students get enough exposure.  

Simply giving them flashcards can get quite boring and with the demands on our school day, there just isn’t enough time to do it all during the school day!   With that in mind, I created this product for parents and teachers to use at home and at school. I wanted to include as much practice with a motivating twist. The ultimate goal is to learn all the yellow leveled words, and when they’re ready – the parent will email or send a note to the teacher saying their child is ready to be tested by the teacher.  The incentive is to earn the right to wear a colored shirt for that level.  During the course of learning sight words – the students can be rewarded with dollar words that may be traded in for small incentives.  

If earning to wear a shirt is not a possibility, the product includes the following incentives:  crown,  paper t-shirt award, certificate and candy award.  What I do, is have one t-shirt of each color; when the student learns his/her words – I simply take a picture of them in the earned colored shirt and add their picture in the weekly newsletter.   I’ve included many options to choose from – and that way a teacher can pick and choose what you feel is appropriate for you.  This allows children to work at their own pace.  Those that need more time can be given the time and those that are ready to move on can do so.  

The words come from the Dolch word list and words taken from the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS).  The levels include:  

You can grab this bundle at my TpT store or also check out the individual levels!