Saturday, April 28, 2018

Science Starters!

Why not have your little scientists explore the world of Science?  These science resources include:
Non-fiction books on a science topic.  These resources are great to use for doing  research projects  on the planets, the moon, the sun, plants, weather, and day and night. 

Included in
these products are a black and white informational book about the subject, note-taking  forms and the research form to be filled out by the child. 

These readers
can be used for independent reading as well as for guided reading groups.

Other booklets may be found in our store!
I hope you enjoy these products!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Happy National Librarian Day Giveaway or two!

Happy National Librarian Day! A team of amazing teachers have grouped together to gift an awesome teacher with a TPT gift card to show them how appreciative we are of our Librarians!

1 x $100 TPT Giftcard


REMEMBER: each entry counts as ONE entry, the more links you complete, the higher your chances of winning!!
Raffle CLOSES: Saturday 14th April 2018 12am

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If one giveway isn't enough - here's another givewaway for any teacher, parent or educator! 
A team of teachers have grouped together to gift another awesome teacher with a TPT gift card to show them how appreciative we are of all our teachers!

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Add Ons!

There are so many wonderful things happening outside our doors; the buds on the trees, flowers blooming, the temperature getting warmer and the return of all kinds of critters  make April a perfect time for some wonderful topics to share in the classroom! 

Let's start with an Egg resource.  What better time to celebrate the beginning of life?

A study about insects is one of our favorite topics to do in the classroom.  Check out my insect fact booklets! 

April is the Month of the Military Child, so we make sure to highlight what is unique about children who have military parents.

Need a travel fact booklet or science booklet? I recommend The Netherlands for it’s beautiful  blooming tulips! And of course we can’t forget Earth day celebrated in April!

All these can be found in my store!  https://Teacherspayteachers/Store/Thebeezyteacher 

Happy Easter!