Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Books!

Disinfect desks, use that hand sanitizer, sit in only rows, don't touch your face, keep your distance, masks on, temp checks! School might be back in session but it is far from normal.  Understanding the world today can be difficult and scary for adults; picture what it must be for a 6 year old who just wants to hug their teacher. 

The difficult conversations we will be having this year will not come with manuals, but books can sure lay a path for conversation.  It's best to continue learning and reading about what they are familiar with which would mean celebration of seasons, holidays, and all.  For example, in September, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to honor our Hispanic culture.

There are many fun books about this culture.  Check out the books below.  All books are fun at any age, and the following are appropriate for K-2 reading levels.  In the meantime gift some air hugs and lots of smiles and enjoy sharing read aloud books about new cultures with your kids whether it be through remote learning or in class! Stay safe and healthy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The New Normal

These first weeks of school have largely fallen around accepting the new normal, learning new routines, and exploring the new way of living with distance. Teachers have gotten creative in making a classroom safe, yet conducive to learning with small changes. Ideas such as hooks on the desk to hang personal water bottles, masks, and sanitizer, plexi - glass dividers, one way hall traffic, and desk art have created classrooms ready for learning in a social distancing manner. 

Placing flex seating in corners around the room rather than in group, playing group games virtually, and reading as a large group rather than small can be seamlessly adjusted to maintain safety of our beloved students. 

The new normal may not always be ideal, but learning to adjust, adapt, and compromise are beneficial skills we can teach our students to embrace.  

Friday, September 4, 2020

September 2020 giveaways

Ready for our September monthly giveaways?

Let's start with a TpT gift card giveaway to celebrate Back to School. 

One lucky  teacher will win a $150 gift card for Teachers Pay Teachers to help with purchasing new resources for the upcoming school year! 

It starts September 4 and ends September 12.

Simply enter here:

If Teacherspayteachers is not for you and you would rather do an Instagram giveaway for the chance to win a card of your choice then this giveaway is for you!  It also starts September 4 but ends on September 6. Simply go to your Instagram and follow everyone at 


A few days later we have another TeacherspayTeachers giveaway that starts on September 6 and ends September 12.

Finally another giveaway that starts today on September 12 and goes through the 14 where one lucky educator wins a $100 TPT gift card! Simply enter here!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

2020 September Products

Please, please - take me back to school! Like every month in the year 2020, September is not just bringing talk of Labor Day and Johnny Appleseed  but also disinfectants, germs, social distancing, and storm recovery. Learning and exploring the world around us can be fun and educational through interactive hands on activities such as these. 

 For a fun activity during this stressful year, try pairing a Johnny Appleseed activity with homemade crockpot applesauce! 


All products may be found at