Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Importance of Eating Healthy

Go, Slow, and Whoa! What can our kids learn in the grocery store?
What kids eat can influence not only their physical health but also their mood and learning. General eating habits are formed during the first years of life. How can we encourage kids to develop healthy eating habits? Can grocery shopping be a powerful learning experience?

Visiting a grocery shop can help kids develop important skills such as reading labels, identifying different types of food, and expanding their vocabulary. The idea behind Go, Slow, and Whoa is easy to practice when you go shopping. Go foods are the healthiest foods that you can eat almost anytime, such as vegetables. Slow food is fine to eat sometimes, for example, pancakes. Whoa food is the type of food that you can occasionally eat, like cakes. Using this simple way to explore healthy and less healthy food is a great game to play in the grocery shop. Kids love being helpful and selecting different types of food helps them to learn about food and may even help them to try new types of food. 

Writing a shopping list, gathering the items, and helping prepare a meal with the bought ingredients teaches kids to plan and carry out a task. The grocery shop is filled with different types of reading materials. Pre-reading skills such as ‘reading symbols’ on food items are fun. . In the grocery shop, there is a sign above the aisle to help you find milk. A perfect introduction to the purpose and nature of reading. Practical math while grocery shopping is fun and an educational opportunity. Grocery shopping offers a fantastic chance to count items, money as well as weighing groceries. Practicing reading, math, and identifying different types of food in the real-life environment of the grocery store may sound daunting but seeing it as a learning opportunity and by being well prepared can be a way to spend quality time, a chance to develop their curiosity and of course to enjoy a tasty meal together made from your food items.

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Create an engaging educational health project with this bundle of popular resources. The detailed project description with standards and content questions will save you time. Your students will gain vital life skills and knowledge by working for an extended time to investigate and respond to an engaging problem. Grab this PBL with it’s bundle of resources and watch your students grow in confidence in math, language, and science as they collaborate, communicate and think critically. Complete with art and craft ideas as well as a fun how-to-draw activity.

Looking for an engaging resource to introduce healthy eating to your students? Included in this fact booklet are hands-on activities about different types of food and  a research form that they can fill out.

Included in this product is an informational book, the research form, and a craft!


Let us go to the grocery store! This resource will teach your students about the foods as well as different food groups. Reading grocery lists is an engaging way to enhance your reading skills. Your students will enjoy selecting food and planning a delicious meal

                                  HOW TO DRAW EATING HEALTHY

Blueberries, beans, and spinach! Show your students how to draw healthy things.  Eating healthy is important and this easy-to-use directed drawing activity is an enjoyable way to enhance students learning about different types of healthy food. The finished drawing and writing make a great classroom healthy eating display. Three different levels of writing activities are included making this a great flexible resource that can be adapted to students' different needs.


What if you could design your own grocery store? Pick up this engaging resource now and watch your students explore healthy eating. Grocery shopping is an important life skill and the finished project together with short writing sample is a lovely prompt for classroom discussions. This mini-project has two differentiated levels so you can be sure that all your students can enjoy the challenge of exploring healthy eating. 


A journal to document your eating is also included!

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Thursday, September 9, 2021

September 2021 Books

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to talk about healthy eating. Teaching your kids about various types of food can be tricky, but fun and informative books may stimulate an interest in delicious and nutritious food. Books that speak the kids’ language can prompt them to experiment with new foods and flavors.
Bringing characters to life with quirky voices is part of the fun, and the selection of books below are all perfect for exploring healthy eating as well as germs and how to keep them away. 

Also, you find much-loved books about ‘All about me’. These books are perfect icebreakers during the first weeks of term to help your kids to get to know one another and learn more about themselves. Books that celebrate us and our differences from others. Finally,  I’ve collected some of our favorite titles about transportation below. Books about trains, cars, and plans are usually an instant hit. 

Happy September Reading!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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September 2021 Products

Start the new year by making your classroom the positive and welcoming learning space that you want it to be. Create a creative atmosphere by using the resources below. Handy hints and inspiration for all-about-me activities, transportation to school as well as health. Designing a Healthy Eating Grocery Store is such a fun project and a powerful opportunity to teach kids about healthy eating. The stunning grocery store, writing samples, and drawings make a great display for the classroom. Perfect opportunity to invite parents to explore the kids’ work and engage them to work towards making this year wonderful. Making sure that kids thrive on the first days of school is important and the following products from my store are a great place to look for fun as well as educational resources. 

I wish you a warm welcome to the new school year!  A year guaranteed to be filled with continuous learning!