Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Who I Am!

           You Are Special Just the Way You Are!

What a great lesson to impart to young children. Unfortunately, our society places a lot of emphasis on what we look like and what we do. Peer pressure begins even in pre-k! (We do admit that children who model appropriate behavior in the classroom to help those who don’t quite follow the social norms are very helpful!) But we still need to remember that each and every child is special just the way they are and communicate the beauty of each child’s uniqueness through activities and discussions in the classroom. There are LOTS of great books and activities that can do just this! A classic example that is still dear to my heart is Dandelion by Don Freeman. Check out the voki, Pixie pics, selfies, and lion paintings the kids did!

Dandelion by Don Freeman video

Dandelion the Lion Art Work


Dandelion Pixie 3's




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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paris? London? Rome? Amsterdam?

As educators who work with military children overseas, we have the unique opportunity to discuss different countries and cities because YES our students actually have prior knowledge! It’s wonderful to hear children talk about going to Paris and visiting the Eiffel Tower over the weekend. Or seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa and having an actual discussion about why it is leaning. In centers, especially blocks and sand, children construct castles and sights they have actually seen. We use to our advantage their travels to tie in with the study of shapes. How amazing is that!

Although most American children don’t have the chance to visit countries overseas before pre-k or kindergarten, you can still bring them to your classroom. Global awareness and the appreciation of different cultures is a necessary component of today’s education. There are some wonderful age appropriate books and activities that you can do in the classroom to bring different countries to you. Food, games and art projects are a great way to introduce young children to different cultures and places. Here are some websites, books and activities we hope you can use. Happy Travels!


This week's work: Owl Chatterpixs
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

World Gratitude Day!

Did you know that there is a day set aside to celebrate and reflect upon what we have and should be thankful for? Gratitude Day is celebrated each year on September 21st. The purpose of Gratitude Day is to recognize the need for people to stop and think about the amazing things and people we have in our lives and around the world.

This past week we honored the heroes of 9/11. We continue to be grateful for their heroism and sacrifices. Students decorated bags that lined the hallways to show their gratitude.

We are grateful for the military members who work to keep our country secure and free.

We are grateful to be able to live overseas and experience different cultures, languages, people and the opportunities to travel.

We are grateful for the love and support from our families, friends and colleagues.

We are grateful for the parents and community members who volunteer their time to enrich our classrooms.

And as we come to work every day, we see the bright faces of our students who enter our classrooms carrying the hopes and dreams of our futures. We are so grateful to be able to touch these lives, even if it is just for nine months.   

These are just some of the many things we are grateful for. And although we sometimes get overwhelmed with the challenges we may face in our lives, we try to remember the many things we are thankful for, not just on Gratitude Day, but every day. We hope you will take the time to appreciate what you have in your lives as well!

 Books about Sept. 911:  

Books about being grateful:

The Giving Tree: (storybook video)
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We are grateful to YOU for taking the time to read our blog and allowing us to share our experiences away from home!