Sunday, August 13, 2023

Knowing Your School

How are your kids feeling about the new year? Excited? Looking forward to a new start? Nervous? Not sure what to expect? Scared of not finding things?

Getting to know your students and friends are familiar back to school activities. These are important, but also it is vital to let kids explore the school environment. Use a design school project to teach kids about the designated areas for carpet time, independent work, and play areas. The beginning of the year is exciting, scary and overwhelming, yet, learning about where things are makes the kids feel more confident. 

A kid’s learning environment is the place in which they learn. A positive learning environment can support kids to flourish. A learning environment consists of three components - the physical, social and emotional environment. Often, we place little focus on exploring the physical environment, yet, particularly at the beginning of the year it is vital to give kids the chance to explore and learn about where things are.  

Exploring the design of the classroom is a great way to begin the start of the year to ensure that the kids’ feel safe and secure. Learning to draw things in the classroom is a useful skill that will further enhance the learning about the school environment and what makes a great classroom. Get ready for an exciting school year, filled with confident kids who are ready to learn! 

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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

August 2023 Products

Start the first weeks of school off right by promoting curiosity. Choosing exciting topics and resources prepare kids for a successful year of school. Focus on activities that are educational and that help to ease the kids back to learning, but also include creative elements. Designing a school is a project that could ignite lots of discussions. Exploring ideas related to where to find things in the school is an essential part of the first days at school. Using a fun activity will not only help kids to adjust to the school environment, but the project will also give them plenty of chances to mix art and scissoring skills. 

Following the kids' progress throughout the year as they grow in confidence in their drawing skills is exciting. There are ‘how to draw’ resources that teach drawing skills in simple and easy to follow steps. Start the new year by using a How to Draw Back to School booklet and ask the kids in your class what else they would love to learn to draw. 

Use a Journal to support kids that are travelling to record their experiences. Using a journal gives kids the chance to explore their adventures at a deeper level as compared to writing a short essay about their summer holiday. A great way to explore landmarks, food and culture.

 Grandparents Day is celebrated in the beginning of September so using a booklet towards the end of August gives your kids an opportunity to explore the special bond with the older generation. 

Creating memories of the first day of school is common. You can combine this activity with snapshots from the last day of school. Your kids will make a lovely memory that shows development that has occurred during the year. Kids go through amazing growth during a year, and it is easy that these changes go unnoticed if you meet a child every day. A lovely way to record and celebrate changes. Welcome to a new exciting year!

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