Sunday, August 13, 2023

Knowing Your School

How are your kids feeling about the new year? Excited? Looking forward to a new start? Nervous? Not sure what to expect? Scared of not finding things?

Getting to know your students and friends are familiar back to school activities. These are important, but also it is vital to let kids explore the school environment. Use a design school project to teach kids about the designated areas for carpet time, independent work, and play areas. The beginning of the year is exciting, scary and overwhelming, yet, learning about where things are makes the kids feel more confident. 

A kid’s learning environment is the place in which they learn. A positive learning environment can support kids to flourish. A learning environment consists of three components - the physical, social and emotional environment. Often, we place little focus on exploring the physical environment, yet, particularly at the beginning of the year it is vital to give kids the chance to explore and learn about where things are.  

Exploring the design of the classroom is a great way to begin the start of the year to ensure that the kids’ feel safe and secure. Learning to draw things in the classroom is a useful skill that will further enhance the learning about the school environment and what makes a great classroom. Get ready for an exciting school year, filled with confident kids who are ready to learn! 

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