Friday, September 1, 2023

September BOOM Cards

September is such an exciting month to teach! Kids are looking forward to the new year and you have lots of energy to plan new and engaging activities. Planning lessons is such a fun thing to do. But it is also very time consuming to create quality lessons. Using interactive, gamified learning resources such as BOOM™ cards with audio will free up time that you can spend on creating you own lessons. Students can work independently, or the cards can be used in groups. The versatile digital cards are easy to set up.

Printed task cards are a great learning tool where you can include all sorts of activities. Boom Cards™ are digital task cards and just like printed task cards you can teach a wide range of concepts . Start the first week of September by using All about Me cards. The first set contains cards related to character education. Your kids will enjoy activities related to what they eat for breakfast and their favorite afternoon snack. The cards are a great way for you to learn more about your students. 

The second set has activities that introduce math concepts. You will learn even more about your students as well as having the chance to make a quick check of their skills. Use the Ready, Set, Learn resources to get an even better overview of the kids’ skills. Perfect for the second week of September. You can select a resource that focuses on math skills or reading, or both! The Boom™ Cards are self-marking, your kids get feedback right away and it is easy for you to keep an eye on their progress as they work on the different activities. 

I love thematic teaching! The theme for September is often Apples. Thematic teaching is a great chance to include science, art, math, reading, social studies into the classroom. Kids will love having a thematic block each day, and using Apple Math and Apple Reading Boom™ Cards is a fun way to learn some core skills. I hope these ideas will make planning  go smoother and that 
September will be great month! 

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