Thursday, April 21, 2022

How to teach kids to care about Earth Day

Earth Day is a special day that is devoted to raising awareness and appreciation for our earth. It is celebrated on the 22nd of April and on this date people around the world think about ways to improve life on our planet. Kids that are involved in taking care of the planet may continue the tradition as they get older. As they observe and learn about nature, kids might develop a love and respect for nature.
Our planet is an incredible place filled with beautiful plants, fantastic animals and resources that allow us to enjoy our lives. This is exactly why it is important that we look after our planet. Let children be creative and come up with new, interesting ideas about ways to celebrate Earth Day. Activities such as planting trees, starting a  school garden or organizing an outside clean up are perfect ways to raise awareness and take action. It is crucial to create a sense of belonging to the wider natural world. Kids need to understand that they are part of a wider community and connection to nature is a vital thing to ensure that all kids are provided with opportunities to connect kids through animals and plants. 
Taking personal responsibility for our planet is important. A great way is by teaching your kids about the  3Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Today, there is an updated version called 4Rs, which refers to refuse, reduce, re-use and recycle. Let kids define the words and gain a practical understanding of how we together can reduce waste and pollution, re-use what we have, and use less precious resources. 

Investing in a green future is a great theme where kids can be creative while exploring ways that green ideas mean a prosperous future. Let your kids explore solutions to combat our greatest threats. Support kids to develop skills and optimism to lead the movement towards a greener future. This year, inspire kids to act and innovate.

Enjoy tinkering and innovating this Earth Day! 

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Monday, April 11, 2022

Spring Reading 2022

Inspire your kids to love learning and reading by selecting Amazing, Awesome April Books! Ensure that each kid in your classroom has access to books that provides them with memorable and positive reading experiences. A great place to look for books that are perfect for the April classroom is to start by looking for award-winning authors and books. Yet, there are books that are outstanding even if they for some reason have not been selected for awards. A good plan is that look for books that draw on familiar experiences and are linked to the particular theme you are working on.

Introduce kids to the exciting world of insects. They will love reading about fireflies, butterflies, praying mantis, and bees. Educate and celebrate Easter by reading books about bunnies and eggs. Mix stories about the magic of Easter with books that explore the meaning behind the festival and cultural holiday. 

There are subjects that can be tricky to introduce to your kids, which is where books can be a perfect tool. Supplementing the learning about Earth Day and climate change with books that you can discuss together in the classroom. There is a wide variety of engaging books that can help kids get to grips with the changes in climate. Look for books that make kids feel empowered to be part of the solution. Books that call to action or provide your kids with lessons that they can take away and implement in their daily life are perfect. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

April 2022 Products

April is all about egg laying animals, insects and planet Earth. During this month, families around the world are celebrating Easter. In the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Muslim families are observing Ramadan. In the classroom, you can teach kids about Islam, the Quran, Islamic practices, and the importance of Ramadan. You can educate kids by using books and stories about how Ramadan is celebrated.

 Plan for the future and live smarter! On the 22nd of April, we are celebrating Earth Day. Select resources about the environment and how to make a better word. Kids around the world want actions for the future of our planet and for their own future. In my TpT store, you’ll find resources that focus on changes we can make in our everyday lives and inspiring resources about the fight carried out by climate activists like Greta Thunberg.

  April has a lot to offer apart from Spring showers. Insects will be out and about as the weather warms up, so stock up on resources about insects. Armed with magnifying glasses and a good dollop of patience, the dive into the world of insects is fascinating and filled with endless discoveries.

Directed drawings activities are fun and educational and they are perfect for making learning about insects as well as Earth Day more engaging. Drawing oviparous animals like chickens, snakes, frogs, and ladybugs provides wonderful learning opportunities to better understand egg laying animals.(All products found in my store).

Happy exploring, drawing, and learning!