Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Distance Learning Giveaway

We understand how difficult times are with distance learning. We want to help by offering you a variety of products you can use with your students.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April Reading!

With the Covid 19 epidemic around the world and social distancing a must, our students may not be in school or playing ball, but they can be exploring the world outside. My favorite books for April focus on Earth Day. This year, April 22nd, 2020, will mark the 50th year of Earth Day and the fight for keeping our planet an enjoyable place to live. Over the years, I have collected an array of books to inspire students to protect the world they live through recycling, planting trees, living green and simply showing appreciation for the outdoors. These books are appropriate for K-2 level; however, we know we can use picture books for all ages and levels! May your April showers bring May flowers and April books bring rays of knowledge and inspiration! 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Easter Giveaways

To help with the purchasing of Easter  resources for your classroom, a team of amazing teachers and I have grouped together to gift ONE awesome, lucky teacher with a TPT gift card!

Prize includes 1 $100 TpT gift card.  Giveaway opens April 6 and closes
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Speaking of giveaways, we are giving away a SECOND gift card - also a TPT card.  The prize includes one TpT card for $175! Simply enter here: 

The giveaway starts at Midnight on April  10 And closes  April 18!

Friday, April 3, 2020

We're Here for You Sale!

Guess What? Every single resource in my store will be 20% off! Isn't that awesome?! It gets even better. If you use the promo code: FORYOU,  TPT will give you an additional 5% off!
That is a total of 25% off of all of my resources, including bundles.

This amazing offer will only be available April 6 and 7.  You need to be quick. So how about getting your cart ready now?  
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Not sure where to start? Here are a few resource ideas:

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P.S. Remember that the sale is only Monday, April 6 and Tuesday, April 7.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Resources

Welcome April!  Let’s hope the coming of a new month will bring better things for us all!  Here are many of my April products that are appropriate for distance learning as well as the classroom!  Check them out!

Get your students excited about Easter! Your students will grow in their drawing confidence as they learn to explore how to draw items like an Easter basket, bunny rabbit, and Easter egg. Directed drawing is fun and engaging activities that require listening skills as well as fine motors skills.

Let’s welcome Spring with this rabbit research resource. Kids will enjoy using this fact booklet to find out about this crafty and quick mammal.

Celebrate eggs! These eggciting eggtivities can be used throughout the year and is perfect for Spring with everything from egg patterns to activities that explore the world of egg-laying animals!

Step into Spring with this fact booklet. Explore the signs of the springtime by inspiring your students to read, write and draw about this wonderful time of the year.

Celebrate the month of the Military Child with some activities that help to honor as well as raise awareness of the lives of the military children. These carefully selected activities are suitable for military children as well as non-military children.

Looking for activities that are perfect for April – the month of the military child? Salute the Military Kids is an engaging resource with everything from math and writing activities to dog tags, friendship hugs and “Keep Daddy/Mommy Safe” bracelets.

Celebrate our beautiful planet! This Earth Day fact booklet contains great tips that will help your students to care for our planet!

Inspire your students to draw Earth Day! Directed drawing is a wonderful addition to your Earth Day unit.

Let your students explore different types of climate by using this fact booklet. It contains a craft activity that helps students to get involved in learning about the various climates around the world.

Climate change is a much-debated topic and students need the best available and science-based information about the changes. This fact booklet explores climate change in a way that makes it accessible to young students.

Kids want to help and this fact booklet gives them a wide range of ideas of how they can help to protect our Earth.  Inspire your students to learn about climate change and what they can do with this fact booklet.

Snakes lay eggs and so do penguins and frogs! There is something utterly fascinating about animals that lay eggs. Learn about the exciting world of oviparous animals by using this fact booklet.

Your students will be creative and have fun exploring insects. Fact booklets are a best seller with their combination of activities that support reading, writing and drawing skills.