Monday, September 11, 2023


Stormy skies, sunny and windy! Adults love talking about the weather so giving your students the words to describe all kinds of weather is a great way to include kids in adult conversations. Helping kids to observe the mix of events that happens each day outside the classroom is a nice start to the day. The weather can quickly change and observing these changes for just a minute or two will help your students to increase their weather related vocabulary and also develop an understanding of the science behind these changes.

You can include weather words and activities throughout the year. Weather is different in different parts of the country and the world. A fantastic chance to include a bit of geography into the daily weather observations. You can make a weather journal where kids draw or describe the daily weather. Use the How to Draw Weather resource to inspire your kids to draw. They can also use their drawing skills when working on the Weather Fact Booklet.  This booklet is filled with interesting facts. Your students can fill the booklet with their own findings and decorate the pages with their  drawings. There are also plenty of pages for coloring in. 

Use weather themed BOOM™ cards to further support the learning. These digital task cards give your kids visually engaging and interactive learning.  You can alternate the individual learning session with math or reading cards. Digital cards are also great for center work. Celebrate the changes in weather with some happy learning! 

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Friday, September 1, 2023

September BOOM Cards

September is such an exciting month to teach! Kids are looking forward to the new year and you have lots of energy to plan new and engaging activities. Planning lessons is such a fun thing to do. But it is also very time consuming to create quality lessons. Using interactive, gamified learning resources such as BOOM™ cards with audio will free up time that you can spend on creating you own lessons. Students can work independently, or the cards can be used in groups. The versatile digital cards are easy to set up.

Printed task cards are a great learning tool where you can include all sorts of activities. Boom Cards™ are digital task cards and just like printed task cards you can teach a wide range of concepts . Start the first week of September by using All about Me cards. The first set contains cards related to character education. Your kids will enjoy activities related to what they eat for breakfast and their favorite afternoon snack. The cards are a great way for you to learn more about your students. 

The second set has activities that introduce math concepts. You will learn even more about your students as well as having the chance to make a quick check of their skills. Use the Ready, Set, Learn resources to get an even better overview of the kids’ skills. Perfect for the second week of September. You can select a resource that focuses on math skills or reading, or both! The Boom™ Cards are self-marking, your kids get feedback right away and it is easy for you to keep an eye on their progress as they work on the different activities. 

I love thematic teaching! The theme for September is often Apples. Thematic teaching is a great chance to include science, art, math, reading, social studies into the classroom. Kids will love having a thematic block each day, and using Apple Math and Apple Reading Boom™ Cards is a fun way to learn some core skills. I hope these ideas will make planning  go smoother and that 
September will be great month! 

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Knowing Your School

How are your kids feeling about the new year? Excited? Looking forward to a new start? Nervous? Not sure what to expect? Scared of not finding things?

Getting to know your students and friends are familiar back to school activities. These are important, but also it is vital to let kids explore the school environment. Use a design school project to teach kids about the designated areas for carpet time, independent work, and play areas. The beginning of the year is exciting, scary and overwhelming, yet, learning about where things are makes the kids feel more confident. 

A kid’s learning environment is the place in which they learn. A positive learning environment can support kids to flourish. A learning environment consists of three components - the physical, social and emotional environment. Often, we place little focus on exploring the physical environment, yet, particularly at the beginning of the year it is vital to give kids the chance to explore and learn about where things are.  

Exploring the design of the classroom is a great way to begin the start of the year to ensure that the kids’ feel safe and secure. Learning to draw things in the classroom is a useful skill that will further enhance the learning about the school environment and what makes a great classroom. Get ready for an exciting school year, filled with confident kids who are ready to learn! 

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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

August 2023 Products

Start the first weeks of school off right by promoting curiosity. Choosing exciting topics and resources prepare kids for a successful year of school. Focus on activities that are educational and that help to ease the kids back to learning, but also include creative elements. Designing a school is a project that could ignite lots of discussions. Exploring ideas related to where to find things in the school is an essential part of the first days at school. Using a fun activity will not only help kids to adjust to the school environment, but the project will also give them plenty of chances to mix art and scissoring skills. 

Following the kids' progress throughout the year as they grow in confidence in their drawing skills is exciting. There are ‘how to draw’ resources that teach drawing skills in simple and easy to follow steps. Start the new year by using a How to Draw Back to School booklet and ask the kids in your class what else they would love to learn to draw. 

Use a Journal to support kids that are travelling to record their experiences. Using a journal gives kids the chance to explore their adventures at a deeper level as compared to writing a short essay about their summer holiday. A great way to explore landmarks, food and culture.

 Grandparents Day is celebrated in the beginning of September so using a booklet towards the end of August gives your kids an opportunity to explore the special bond with the older generation. 

Creating memories of the first day of school is common. You can combine this activity with snapshots from the last day of school. Your kids will make a lovely memory that shows development that has occurred during the year. Kids go through amazing growth during a year, and it is easy that these changes go unnoticed if you meet a child every day. A lovely way to record and celebrate changes. Welcome to a new exciting year!

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Friday, July 14, 2023

Desert Animals and Their Habitat

Desert animals are a diverse group of fascinating creatures. The harsh desert environment has resulted in the development of interesting adaptations. A great summer project is to design an animal habitat that makes sure that animals can live and thrive in an environment with extreme temperatures, limited water and food sources. Many animals living in the desert have adapted to the desert by making physiological modifications like controlling body temperatures and conserving water. Presenting their habitat designs is a wonderful learning opportunity. Kids can learn from other kids' designs, and it also helps them to further examine their own ideas. 

The camel is famous for its hump, but contrary to popular beliefs they do not store water there. Instead, the hump consists of stored fat that the camel uses as an extra resource when food is scarce. However, the humps help the camel regulate their body temperature. In the desert it is very warm and hot during the day, but the temperature drops dramatically during the night. Discussions about how changes in temperatures affect our body and the way we eat, and drink is perfect for the summer classroom. A great chance to include the kids' observations and feelings about how their body react to different temperatures.

Ignite kids’ curiosity for learning by exploring the “little armored one”. Armadillos have bony plates, which makes them look like a mix of a giant insect and a medieval knight. Perfect inspiration for a story, poem or comic strip. 

Drawing an armadillo or some other animals that live in the desert is also educational fun at its very best. Kids learn a lot from making a drawing of an animal. It forces them to look carefully at the camel's hump(s), the meerkats' posture, the snake's mesmerizing eyes, or the bony armored body of the armadillo.

There is so much material that you want to teach kids. Look for resources that combine learning with hands-on, engaging activities. Read stories about the fantastic creatures that calls the desert their home. Explore the mystery of desert animals and their survival skills this summer!

Other desert animals: 

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Saturday, July 1, 2023

July 2023 Products

July is a hot summer month, perfect for fun and educational themed patriotic activities. Kids want to get creative and learn how to draw things like patriotic ribbons, the USA flag, and the White House. An activity that encourages kids to move around is always great for those warm summer’s day when everyone is a bit tired. Moving around the classroom room, or outside, to read and write messages is a great way to learn more about our country. Kids will love learning while practicing motor skills and burn some energy.

Revising math and literacy skills by using a color by code booklet is a great way to inspire a love for learning. The booklet can be used to revise numbers and literacy skills. Also, it is perfect for just coloring. Coloring is a great summer school activity where kids will in an easy way work on their concentration and focus skills. The boundaries on the figures will also be a great help when they later learn to write.

Use the popular fact booklet with a patriotic theme to support the learning about the holiday of Independence Day. Included are craft activities and materials that you can use in the summer school to explore the history and meaning behind this holiday. 
Make a stunning summer school display of your kid’s work. Check out my bundle where you find all these resources at a reduced price. Letting kids choose between a variety of activities is a great way to celebrate patriotism in style. Why not make July extra special by adding some healthy cooking activities? Make a flag by using apples, blueberries and strawberries. Enjoy the summer! 

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