Wednesday, November 1, 2023

November Products

November! It might be hard to believe that the holiday season is almost here. There are so many topics that can be explored during this month. Thanksgiving is a holiday that immediately comes to mind. This holiday offers the perfect time to reflect and give thanks. Add some directed drawing activities to ensure that your students can decorate the classroom with stories and facts about the history behind this holiday. 

A project-based learning unit includes components such as inquiry, research, writing and drawing. My fact booklets about pilgrims and indigenous Americans offer short reading passages that provide your students with vital information. I recommend that you use both booklets to ensure that your students get a chance to reflect on the interactions between pilgrims and the local indigenous people. 

An Election Day booklet provides you with facts as well as inspiration to discuss the duties of a president, and history behind the day. Students enjoy making an election hat while reflecting on the right as well as duty to vote. Veterans Day is observed on the 11the of November. This holiday offers an opportunity not only to teach students about service but also to emphasize the importance to give back to the community.

Young students love picture books. A spectacular and interesting story is the best way for teaching about other cultures and ensuring that they develop a love for reading. Cactus Soup is a twist on the classic story Stone Soup. The storybook companion is filled with ideas for crafts to enhance the reading of this story about sharing. Also, it is a great introduction to explore holidays celebrated in  Spanish-speaking countries.

I hope these resources can help you create a stimulating learning environment in the November classroom! 

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