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July 2024 Products

July brings us another wonderful month of summer activities and adventures. Start the month by learning about the rich history of America and the significance of Fourth of July. Delight in introducing some fascinating creatures that deserve to be appreciated this month, from cows and horses to snakes. Explore the lives of two remarkable women, Malala Yousafzai and Amelia Earhart. The summer months offer opportunities for learning and growth and are a great time to help your students explore their current interests or develop new ones.

As America prepares to celebrate the Fourth of July, get ready to mark Independence Day in your classroom with some fun, patriotic and educational activities. A fact booklet is a great resource to help students gain a better understanding of the history as well as the significance of the Fourth of July. Learning about this national holiday will help students feel a stronger connection and pride towards our country. 
Animal projects are an awesome way to capture students’ attention. There are so many engaging and fun activities to choose from: animal songs, animal movements, animal yoga, reading books starring animals, listening to animals' sounds or making an animal craft. Learning about a farm animal such as cows and celebrating Cow Day on July 9th is a great way to show some love to our four-legged friends. Visiting a local farm is a great opportunity to learn more about beef and dairy animals. Alternatively, your students may like treats like cheese, a glass of milk or even a scoop of ice cream. 

I Love Horse Day on July 15th is another chance to learn more about domesticated animals and the role they play in people’s lives. Horses are great companions and friends for humans but they have also given their lives working for humans and even fighting in wars. World Snake Day is held every year on July 16. The goal is to increase awareness of snakes and not all of them are scary or venomous! Snakes have a bad reputation and this day is a chance to promote a love for all living creatures. 
Malala’s birthday is on July 12th and this is a wonderful chance to explore the remarkable life of this brave woman. She continues to campaign for girls’ right to attend school. Another brave woman was Amelia Earhart who was born on July 24 1897. Use a fact booklet and encourage your students to dream big while researching the life of a courageous and determined woman who was the first female pilot to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean! Let these two women’s stories ignite a passion for courage and determination!

Create a Happy Classroom in July filled with learning and creative activities with my resources! 

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