Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back to School Buys: Clip Art

Introducing the Beezy Brats!  
Yes, Ms Beezy has four adorable brats!  That is four clip art brats that are included in every clip art product.  They are sooo cute – with their animal print glasses and their inny skinny legs!  Check out their clip art products  beginning with the Beezy Brats Clip Art  product.

The Beezy Brats and The Sea World Clip Art

This product consists of twelve graphic files in color of children, nine sea animals (blowfish, clownfish, whale, dolphin, jellyfish, seahorse, octopus, a fish, and shark).  It also includes a black and white jpg and png format.

The Beezy Brats Back to School Clip Art  Part 1    

This product consists of fifteen graphic files in color of children in a school setting.  It also includes black and white  jpg and png formats.

       The Beezy Brats Back to School Clip Art  Part 2    

In addition to part 1 back to school clip art, part two consists of six graphic files in color of children, in a school setting as well.  It also includes black and white  jpg and png formats.

The Beezy Brats Migrating Clip Art 

This product consists of four graphic files in color and black and white, jpg and png formats. 

         The Beezy Brats’ Owl Collection Clip Art

This product consists of eight graphic files in color of two children, six owls, and includes black and white jpg and png format. 

           The Beezy Brats Zoo Critters Clip Art

This product consists of ten graphic files in color of three children, seven animals (elephant, zebra, giraffe, tiger, lion, hippo, and cheetah). The graphics come in black and white, jpg, and png as well.

The Beezy Brats Bullying Clip Art 

This product consists of four graphic files in color and black and white, jpg and png formats. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to School Buys: Thematic Units!

Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum!!

A favorite back to school story I like to do with my kinder is Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  This is a story about a little mouse who believes her long name is perfect for her until she starts school.  She begins to doubt herself when mean spirit classmates make fun of her name for being long and named after a flower.  Activities included  labeling, graphing  your name, bullying traits, name activities and much, much more!

Castle Creations!

I use this resource as a culminating activity for a unit on teaching  basic facts about castles.  This product will reinforce your social studies lesson on castles., fairy tales, or shapes.  Included:  foldable activity “If I lived in a castle, I would…., color word activity, create a castle using colorful shapes, knight and princess headbands, design  a flag, and design a family shield or a me shield.  Pictures of castle art work made by my students is also included.

A House is a Home for Everyone!

Tired of the same teaching themes and you want a change?  After coming across the book A House is a House for Me  by Mary Ann Hoberman, (which I fell in love with), I decided to do a unit on  Homes (and Family) in lieu of The Gingerbread Man in December.   The potential of the use of a “Home” theme is incredible and limitless and still reinforces remediation skills that some children still need. This is an important concept to me because of my own experiences of teaching so far away from family. A high degree of mobility is demanded of our students. Our children  move around the world, acclimating themselves to new cultures, new friends, new homes and new surroundings. Therefore a home is such a precious concept.

In this unit you will find math and literacy activities, an emergent reader and take home ideas for family projects. 


This spring product includes  carrot activities that will allow students to have fun and appreciate one of the most popular veggies we have!  It includes templates for:  a sequencing activity, a carrot craft, sorting activity, garden of patterns, and more! All the templates come with pictures of what finished products may look like. Templates my be run off in any color or in white so the children can color before gluing and cutting. Activities included: 
Carrot life cycle, carrot thinking map, reading activity, carrot craft, color words, sorting veggies and fruits and patterning activity.  

Pinterest Boards:

Tellagami Tutorial How-To

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to School Buys: Data Boards and Rotation Timers!

This product will give students the opportunity to reflect on their learning and be active in graphing their own data.  Although the intent is to have the child be responsible for their data collection, it also serves as a tool for the teacher to monitor a child’s progress.
It includes information for Data Binders and Boards:
  Data book cover,
Letters/letter sounds
Sight Words
Basic Shapes
Writing Letters
Writing Numbers
Data Board Stencils

Use this 15 minute automated timer for any rotation groups in your classroom!
Daily 5
Guided Reading
Guided Math
…And More
The timer file is made in PowerPoint and is automated! Just launch it and choose your timer set!
Don’t have PowerPoint? No worries! Just Google PowerPoint Viewer (for PCs) or PowerPoint Viewer for Mac to download the viewing software for FREE! Mac users will need PowerPoint installed to run the file.
Looking for more options to this timer? Want it customized? Contact us for specific transition times, number rotations, and different clip art theme changes!
Great for Centers, Group Work and Cooperative Learning! 

More on Vegas!

Shout out to some of the standout presenters at the I Teach K conference in Vegas! Starting with Amanda from A Very Curious Class blog who  presented on  the Project-Based Learning topic. I learned so much from her and crossing my fingers that we can do some collaboration on future PBL’s together regardless of our locations. Lori Elliot was awesome again this year! She's always a popular presenter and I can see why!

Crystal from Kreative in Kinder did an inservice about kindergarteners being authors. Loved every bit of it including her humor and love for laughter.  Then there was sweet Mary from  Sharing Kindergarten.  Her session on apps was great and I learned so many new things.  I cannot wait to use ALL of her ideas she presented!  Thank you Mary! 

More Activities and Awesome People!