Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to School Buys: PBL's

This unit is ideal for Native American Heritage month (November) or any time of the year. This PBL was “piloted” on a kindergarten class, but could be modified for pre-K level and first grade.  It contains the following activities: KWL chart, pocket chart pictures, drumbeats (syllables) patterns, writing numbers, color words, pattern block teepee, weaving words (writing sight words in order), sorting facts, venn diagram, Native American facts, rubric and self assessment, Native American Webquest Lesson Plan, link to a Voki Link to a Tagxedo word splash, Common Core Standards and lesson plan. 
Crafts include: various rug patterns, vase, paper roll Native American Family, dream catcher, teepee and wigwam houses. 

This project based learning unit focuses on the animals chosen by the students, two animals that hibernate (bear and hedgehog), two animals that migrate (monarch butterfly and duck), and two animals that adapt (rabbit and deer) during the season of winter. There is some discussion about whether bears really hibernate, but several books we read used the term hibernation, so we went with that. This PBL was “piloted” on a preschool class and they had a GREAT time! Looking back, I may have just focused on researching only animals that hibernate due to the maturity level and academic level of the class this year. The activities presented in this packet can easily be adapted to a kindergarten level.
This unit contains the following activities: Link to Voki, sorting animals, animals in winter facts, pocket chart pictures, KWL chart, patterns, rubric and self-assessment, making sets, tree patterns, Kindergarten Common Core Standards, and headband patterns. 

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