Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Who I Am!

           You Are Special Just the Way You Are!

What a great lesson to impart to young children. Unfortunately, our society places a lot of emphasis on what we look like and what we do. Peer pressure begins even in pre-k! (We do admit that children who model appropriate behavior in the classroom to help those who don’t quite follow the social norms are very helpful!) But we still need to remember that each and every child is special just the way they are and communicate the beauty of each child’s uniqueness through activities and discussions in the classroom. There are LOTS of great books and activities that can do just this! A classic example that is still dear to my heart is Dandelion by Don Freeman. Check out the voki, Pixie pics, selfies, and lion paintings the kids did!

Dandelion by Don Freeman video

Dandelion the Lion Art Work


Dandelion Pixie 3's




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