Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Books!

Disinfect desks, use that hand sanitizer, sit in only rows, don't touch your face, keep your distance, masks on, temp checks! School might be back in session but it is far from normal.  Understanding the world today can be difficult and scary for adults; picture what it must be for a 6 year old who just wants to hug their teacher. 

The difficult conversations we will be having this year will not come with manuals, but books can sure lay a path for conversation.  It's best to continue learning and reading about what they are familiar with which would mean celebration of seasons, holidays, and all.  For example, in September, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to honor our Hispanic culture.

There are many fun books about this culture.  Check out the books below.  All books are fun at any age, and the following are appropriate for K-2 reading levels.  In the meantime gift some air hugs and lots of smiles and enjoy sharing read aloud books about new cultures with your kids whether it be through remote learning or in class! Stay safe and healthy!

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