Monday, August 11, 2014

Heard Miz Beezy's Back!

Ms Beezy

I’m sure the things I bought this summer are not new or exciting to teachers stateside but think about it:  When you work in a foreign country – and are not near a teacher store – well this is like Christmas in July for us!  So bear with me in my sharing what I bought!
Journal books

                Oil Pastel Crayons
               Water Color Pencils
                  Aqua Fill Marker
Labels? Yes, full size labels so I don’t have to glue everything and remember we use a different paper size here!
Window Markers

The Big Buy: Another Apple iPad! And of course my Pencil Stylus!  

Back to school Freebies:  Setting goals 


  1. Your purchases look fun! When do you start back to school?

    A Very Curious Class

    1. Hey! We start with kids right after Labor Day! Let's think about doing a PBL together or a tweet club.....