Sunday, August 17, 2014

It Was a Great Summer!

It was a great summer! 
(At least for most of us who don't fret about our hair! Sorry Miz Beezy!)

Time flies when you are having fun! Our two months off (Does anybody get three months off anymore?) were filled with fun, family and travel. Some of us were able to fly back to the states to visit family and enjoy eating and shopping in the great US of A. You have to LOVE the Dollar Stores. What a great place to stock up on classroom goodies! And the food, YUM! I think we ate our way through most of the states including Kentucky, Texas, Nevada and New York. (You can ask any DoDDS teacher for a review of any restaurant in the world!)
One of us visited Las Vegas to attend the TpT Convention. We can’t wait to hear about the great ideas discussed with the TpT gurus who attended.
Although we had a great summer, we are pumped and ready to begin another exciting school year filled with new ideas, new faces and new adventures!

Let the school year begin!

               Since we've been gone a long time let us leave you with some ideas for the start of school.  We usually like to start the beginning of the year with some favorite books about names. Listen to the Sock Puppets give their opinions about their favorite books!

Favorite Books about Names:



              Chrysanthemumby Kevin Henkes

                            Name Activities



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