Thursday, December 1, 2022

December 2022 Products

 It might be difficult to get your students to focus on certain things during December but it's a great chance to talk about how other people around the world celebrate Christmas. Christmas around the world brings in social studies lessons, diversity lessons and a chance for your kids to explore how people live around the world. 

If you are stressing about coming up with exciting lesson plans for December take a closer look at the Fact Booklets Christmas in France, Italy or Russia. Teach your kids about traditions and expose them to a variety of cultures like Christmas in Germany, the Netherlands or Spain. Carrying out research on how Christmas is celebrated in England may put smiles of recognition since we in the US have adopted many of their traditions. But there are also several surprises and new things to discover. 

Reading about Reindeer is also a perfect activity during December. There is a wide selection of fiction books that you can use. There are, however, several benefits of using non-fiction in the classroom. Providing your kids with engaging topics like Reindeer can be used for research and discussions. If you are looking for a great way to combine reading non-fiction and art, take a look at my The Nutcracker Fact booklet. It has apart from facts about this popular Christmas ballet also Nutcracker craftivities. Creating and decorating a Nutcracker is great fun! Are you looking for more activities to inspire your kids to use art this Festive Season - look at my How to Draw Christmas.

Create a December with Fun-Filled and Engaging Learning Opportunities!  All products are found in my store.

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