Thursday, November 17, 2022

Then and Now!

Change! Some changes happen quickly, such as the new growth of leaves on trees.   Others happen very slowly, like the fruits ripening on a fruit tree. Exploring the changes that have occurred from the past to the present is an exciting theme that is perfect for November. 

Changes in a lot of different areas can be investigated such as transport, toys, cooking, education and technology. Young students do not always grasp the concept of everyday life changes and the idea that people and animals lived differently 100 years ago may be difficult to understand. 

You can start a project about Then and Now by asking your students if they have seen any changes in their community such as new stores, houses or schools. This may be a first step to comparing and contrasting life in the past with life in the present. Sending a Fact Booklet home with students to read is also a helpful way to engage family members to share their experiences with their kids.

By using a variety of materials and resources in the project you can demonstrate how education and technology have changed. The Fact Booklet Then and Now is perfect for using pencils while Digital Task Cards, Boom Cards, shows how technological developments have led to the use of tablets, desktops and mobile devices in the classroom. Your students can enhance their Then and Now vocabulary or practice their math skills by adding, subtracting, exploring concepts such as shortest, longest, or exploring picture graph information. The design of these digital task cards uses a mixture of graphics to further enhance their understanding of what things that were used in the past and what is used today.

This November make sure that every child is given the wish to learn. Happy November Teaching! 

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