Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pinterested in Pinterest?

Hopefully most of you, if not all of you have had the opportunity to peruse Pinterest. You can find a suggestion or an idea for anything; from hair styles to Bunko! But the best part of Pinterest is the awesome classroom ideas that people post. We use Pinterest all the time to update our centers and classroom ideas or to just try something new. With this in mind, we decided to give you a peek into Pinterest every once in a while to see some of the wonderful ideas we are using. This week we are focusing on cooking  creative snacks in the classroom.

Make sure to check out Pinterest if you haven’t already!
Check out this week's "apple snacks". 
The cookies were made by one of our moms!  Am I lucky to have her in my class? You bet! :)

Last week’s “Me” doll: (too cute not to share!)
Miss Beezy’s Euro Exchange Rate:
 (for those interested in traveling to Europe)

.8523 euro cents to the dollar;
1.733 dollars to the euro

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