Friday, September 4, 2015

Fine Motor Activities

Why are fine motor skills so important? Developing fine motor skills is necessary for children in order to promote self-help skills, manipulate toys, small objects and use writing tools. Activities that encourage strength and dexterity help young children set the foundation for stability, sensation and bilateral coordination.
We have used play dough, lots of games and activities that require manipulation with the hands, and we have practiced and practiced holding writing tools, tracing stencils/patterns and using scissors. Yes, they all have improved greatly, but we have had a difficult time coming up with new and exciting activities that help build those fine motor muscles. Luckily we have an occupational therapist who works with our school and she has shared some ideas with our parents and teachers. We incorporated some of those ideas in the classroom too!

We have always had a cut box, but adding different textures and thicknesses has brought interest back. We also did straw cutting. Just watch out for flying straw pieces!
 At the play dough center, we started switching to different types of play dough recipes or use clay on a tray. We have added objects to the play dough that children have to dig out. On the clay tray they used toothpicks to make designs. Using different types of textures helps with sensory.
Using tongs and tweezers gives a fun twist to different activities.
Scrunching up one piece of newspaper in one hand, what a super easy activity to set up!
Bubble wrap is another great activity. We still love popping bubbles too.

Check out some of these handwriting apps! 
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Shoe Tying Videos:

Play dough recipes (click on the image):

We have enjoyed incorporating these new ideas and the children are having fun with them too. If you have any different and fun ideas to develop fine motor skills, let us know!

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