Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pizza, Pizza, Yum, Yum!

The letters P and Y were our focus this week and yummy pizza fit the bill for both letters! There are some wonderful books about pizza (We love Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig.) and some great activities to do in conjunction with pizza. And who doesn’t love pizza!

We made pizzas that were different shapes; we cut pizzas into fractions: we counted and graphed how many toppings we put on our pizza (pepperoni and cheese being the favorites) and talked about all the different types of toppings there are. We painted pizzas at the easel and used pizza boxes to make our own pizzas.  

As a collaborative effort, we made a yummy pizza together to work on our social skills which involved solving problems, taking turns and cooperating with others. They did a fantastic job!

Pizza Books:  

The kids got to play pizza chef and take orders from the customer.

Pizza by the Shape:

Dressing for the part:

Living in Europe, we enjoy pizza baked in a wood burning oven. We eat our pizza with a fork and knife as Europeans do!


YouTube Videos:

Pizza, pizza, fun, fun! 

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