Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Have Snow!

Welcome back and Gl├╝ckliches Neues Jahr! We are excited and ready to go in 2015.

After a snowless winter last year, we are now living in a winter wonderland! (Of course all the snow fell during the holiday break, so no snow days.) It is so nice to be able to talk about the season of winter when there is actual snow. And the snow this year has been so beautiful, that it has been like living in a snow globe.

Sooo, that got us thinking about snow globes in the classroom. Snow globes were actually invented by accident by a manufacturer in Vienna in 1900. He ended up opening a schneekugeln factory to make and sell “snow balls” which is still open. You can have just about anything put in a snow globe! For our classroom, we found a few good books about snow globes and snow and have had a great time shaking them and watching different objects in the snow globes as well as playing in the snow. Turns out to be a great topic to do in the classroom!

Great assortment of snow globes found at the Christmas Market in Salzburg, Austria! 

Winter Reading!

A snow globe classroom door

Art work by Ms. G’s art class!

Classroom work:

-Check out the this puppet of pics from this past December! 

The following are pictures of Miss Beezy’s Family Winter Holiday in southern Germany and Austria.  (Thanks for the inspiration J & J!  We had so much fun shopping for dirndl dresses and lederhosen!  Also, inspired by the K Family’s Christmas card! Absolutely loved it!

Got more classroom work!

If all fails, and you live in an area where there is no snow – then try making your own with baking soda and one large can of shaving foam or a half a cup of shampoo and two cups of baking soda!

Always a Pinterest board or two, or three!

TpT products – check out the freebie!


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