Thursday, January 15, 2015

Living the Dream!

Happy fun Friday!  Well, for us it’s Friday!  It’s a three day weekend and we just finished learning about why we have a holiday on Monday.  I had fun teaching about Martin Luther King Jr.   The kids seemed to understand his important message and the impact he made on us.  We learned about accepting and tolerating each other and how  Dr. King continues to influence us today.  Here are a few activities we did to honor MLK.  Their art work is too cute!  I realize 5 and  6 year old children don’t “see color”.  Check out their work below!
MLK Books:
This week's MLK Activities: 


"Martin the King had a dream.  His dream was that kids would play together.  That was his dream."

Wonderful MLK videos on Youtube and Vimeo!
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