Sunday, December 14, 2014

We're in a Pickle!

Christmas and pickles? As we have been out and about at German Christmas markets, we keep coming across ornaments shaped like a pickle. Pickles? What is up with that? Well, we used our trusty friend Google to find out what relation pickles have to Christmas. Come to find out, the Christmas tradition of hanging a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree is considered a custom from right here in Germany!

The ornament shaped like a pickle is hidden on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Whoever finds the pickle shaped ornament on Christmas morning is supposed to receive an extra Christmas gift. However, this “German custom” is not a German tradition at all! There are other possible origins for the Christmas pickle, but nobody knows for sure where the custom of the pickle shaped Christmas ornament really started and why.

Personally, we prefer our pickles on a cheeseburger and not so much as a decoration on our Christmas tree, even if it is just an ornament. We are all for the extra gift though!

Pickles are a fun topic to talk about (and taste) in the classroom and there are some fun books and activities related to pickles too.  


Pickle Pixies!

Pickle Activities:



Pickle Books:

The class singing Rudolph:

39 St. Mary Axe Building  known as the Gherkin Building in London


Pickle Pinterest Board

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