Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

Oh, the places you’ll go when teaching for DoDDS.
How exciting to be hired, I don’t know the odds.
They may send you to Germany, Italy or Japan.
Flying in airplanes, you must be a fan.
Once you arrive, new people you meet,
new teachers, new parents, new children so sweet.
A new country, a new language, new customs and foods,
you must try them all, you mustn’t be rude.

Oh the places you’ll go when teaching for DoDDS.
The chances to travel can leave you quite awed.
Venice with bridges and lots of canals,
shopping in London with some of your pals.
Paris, Berlin, Lisbon and Rome,
a week in Croatia and then it’s back home.
Guinness in Dublin, paella in Madrid,
Belgian chocolate for breakfast, heaven forbid!

Oh, the places you’ll go when teaching for DoDDS.
How fortunate I am to be living abroad.
To do what I love, to teach the military child, to represent
 the USA with a happy heart and big smile!

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Kindness Book of the Week: Horton Hears a Who
One of the most lovable and caring characters of all Dr. Seuss’ characters, I feel, is Horton the elephant. who signifies kindness and perseverance. Dr. Seuss' message was: despite the differences, we should try to care about one another. This book will allow teachers to discuss how we judge people based on how they look, rather than on their actions. After all, a person is a person no matter how small."
My Home - Where DoDDS Sent Me!!
Bridge maps:
What better time to work on rhyming than Dr. Seuss week? 
Using a rhyme bridge map can show how words relate to each other. A bridge map is a type of thinking map that will show how two concepts are related. The top word relates to the bottom in the same away across the bridge.

My Little bird tale of Places DoDDs sends us to teach!



Fotosketcher program:  This week's tech tool is not an app and it's free. Simply go to to download and play with it!  It will turn your photos into art - pen and ink, oil painting....Your friends are gonna think you are so artistically talented!  LOL!  

This week's activities: 

Retelling story map: 
Setting and Characters: 

Problem and Solution:

Art Activities:

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We hope you have a fun week celebrating Reading Across America!

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  1. :) Love your poem! :) Thanks for sharing the great ideas!