Sunday, March 16, 2014

Math Madness!

 We’ll do math in a box.  We’ll do math with a fox.  We’ll do math in a house.  We’ll do math with a mouse.  We’ll do math here.   We’ll do math there.  We’ll do math ANYWHERE!!   (Yes, we still have Dr. Seuss in our brains.)!! :)

This is an exciting time of the year as kids continue to make math connections with the world around them.  They find patterns in their clothes.  They see numbers in the stores.  They now know real numbers on a clock have a purpose, and they realize that going to school five days and staying home two days adds up to seven!  In real life situations, we all know math is not a matter of memorization but giving them real life experiences and hands on activities.  Here are some of the ways we do math activities in our classrooms!  

Math Centers, Journals, and Other Activities:

Math Videos, anyone?

Check out these math videos over at YouTube.  But first make sure you SafeShare them to be rid of advertisement  and any inappropriate material.  Simply go to and insert the YouTube links.  Below is a short video that gives directions on how to safe share!

Ten in Bed:

What Makes Ten?

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Math Apps: Animal Math Games

Math Explorer, Emma travels the world from Bessie’s Farm to the plains of Africa to outer space through more than 100 math games on a quest to help her animal friends find a way home.  This is perfect for our animal thematic class! 

Animals Counting Writing Game

This is a great app for kindergarten children at the beginning of school or children who are still struggling with math skills. It’s a great app for pre-k to kindergarten .

Kindness Book of the Week: Square Cat

"Playing off the square peg in the round hole theme, this title gently packs a powerful message about self-acceptance and friendship. Eula, a square cat, faces difficulties in a world of round cats. Her round cat friends, Patsy and Maude, try to help sad Eula get her "purr" back. After a makeover including round hoop earrings, Eula falls again." Her friends put themselves into square boxes and show her the possibilities and upside of living the square-cat life. "The author uses the shapes of these clever cats' mouths, eyes, and eyebrows to communicate their emotions. Eula changes from skeptical, to happy, to confident. The support of loving friends and her experience figuring out how to "make it work" for herself are the catalysts. Plentiful white space is used to help the colorful blue, orange, and yellow cats pop off the page." This delightful book with its spare and simple text is perfect for story time or sharing one-on-one.

Pinterest Boards:  For more math ideas click here to go to my math related boards.  

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  1. Lovely review of Square Cat! Thank you! I would love to send you a signed copy of Square Cat for your classroom. Please contact me at Look for Square Cat ABC December 2014! Yay!