Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Kissing Hand

It seems like everyone has either started school or is getting ready for the start up.  We don’t start back for another couple of weeks and I still don’t have keys to the building, so I thought I’d start planning out my yearly activities and goals.  One book I came across on Pinterest (don’t you just love Pinterest?!?)  It’s like my digital filing cabinet now!  Anyway, a book, I think I’d like to try is The kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  I’m sure it’s an old book for you all but I like the lesson behind it.

Chester the Raccoon is not ready to start school and simply wants to stay with his mom.  She tries to encourage him by telling him about the new friends, new toys, and activities he’s going to experience.  Then she goes on to share a family secret – the kissing hand that will comfort him while he’s away from her.  Now why couldn’t I think of this simple little lesson in life to write about and make me successful!  Anyway here are some pictures of activities, and the link to my digital filing cabinet that has links to freebies and a link to the video!  Enjoy!  


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