Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Corner of the World

While attending the I Teach K Conference in Vegas, I was asked numerous times how I came to live and teach in Germany. Well to make a long story short (ha!) – my husband and I were back packing in Europe in the early 80’s (yeah I’m old) and were sitting on a bench in Genoa, Italy waiting for the overnight train to Rome. Much to our surprise – two high school girls came up to us and asked if we were Americans and would we mind sharing an overnight sleeping compartment on the train. (We were impressed with their maturity and their conscious effort to be safe!) In our discussion we learned that the girls had been backpacking throughout Europe as a graduation gift from their parents. We did learn, they were American students who had lived in Europe all their lives. Their parents were civilian employees for an American school district in Germany.

When we got back, we decided to apply thinking neh it’s not gonna happen. Well it’s history now and we have been in the same country (not necessarily the same schools) for almost 25 years! That’s a long time considering our intention was to come over for two years! Here’s the link to the schools’ headquarters if you are interested in learning more about DoDDS/DoDEA.

Being that I’ve lived here so long I’m not sure what would be of interest to blog about! Perhaps my likes and dislikes (like my love/hate relationship with my German washer and dryer)? Life in a different culture? Teaching? Food? Language barriers? Medical support? Things I miss? Things I don't miss?
Feel free to email me questions about what it’s like to live in a foreign country or simply leave your questions in the comment section.
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