Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky!

Miss Kindergarten, A Cupcake for theTeacher, and A Modern Teacher are having a Summer Bucket List Linky Party.  I believe you link up and tell all about the fun things you have planned for summer vacation.
Brrrr!  You mean to tell me it’s summer already?  It may be June 2 everywhere but I can tell you it’s still cold and dreary here in Germany!   As I sit here in my extra pair of long johns, double socks and extra pull over I’m having a difficult time coming up with some mental pictures of what my Summer Bucket List will look like!  Maybe when I get ready to fly to the states in a couple of weeks – it will be easier?

I still have about two weeks left of school, along with all the things that come with end of year close out but I already have my  a summer bucket list ready!
First thing for me is to find some SUN and lots of it!  I'll take the heat, humidity and all that comes with being in the SUN!!! 

I will sleep in late – 5:30 am?  Yes – this does sound great when I have to wake up every morning at 4:30 during the work week!

Fly to the states for 5 glorious weeks of sun, family, restaurants, movies, shopping!
Drive up to Las Vegas to attend the kindergarten conference and meet lots of stateside teachers!
Shop on TpT and for next year’s school supplies and mail it back.

Buy me a brand new coat, long johns, and plenty of socks since I’m burning this year’s set!

VACATION with my husband hopefully to one of the Greek Islands when we get back to cloudy Germany (and yes it almost always is cloudy and cold)!
What's on Your Bucket Summer List?

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