Thursday, January 11, 2024

Scandinavian Countries

Children are curious and discovering that there are people and places around the world that are similar as well as different from them is a great way to feed their curiosity. Many students have family members who live in different parts around the world. Giving students cultural awareness is important to help them learn empathy and understanding for others. Learning about countries around the world also teaches children acceptance of traditions and beliefs that are different from their own culture.
I have recently added Scotland, Sweden and Norway to my list of places to explore. You can combine the Fact Booklets with my How to Draw resources to enhance the learning. Scotland is part of Great Britain and with its lochs, forests and mountains.  It is a place with fascinating wildlife. Also, Scotland is a land of myths and legends, and students love hearing stories about the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Learning how to draw the monster will add extra spark to a written story. 

Sweden and Norway are part of a region known as Scandinavia. Students love learning about toys that children play with in other parts of the world. In the  booklet about Sweden students will learn about a traditional wooden toy - the Dala horse. Learning about the land of the midnight sun is also fascinating. During the summer months the sun never sets in the northern parts of Sweden and Norway.

Vikings are another fascinating topic and your students will love learning to draw Viking ships. Vikings is the name given to seafaring people originally from Scandinavia and you can extend a project about Norway with learning more about these people who were  warriors, and barbarians, but also farmers,  traders, and ship builders.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world and globalized world, fostering global awareness is important and beneficial to students. Start 2024 exploring new and exciting places together with your students. 

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