Friday, July 14, 2023

Desert Animals and Their Habitat

Desert animals are a diverse group of fascinating creatures. The harsh desert environment has resulted in the development of interesting adaptations. A great summer project is to design an animal habitat that makes sure that animals can live and thrive in an environment with extreme temperatures, limited water and food sources. Many animals living in the desert have adapted to the desert by making physiological modifications like controlling body temperatures and conserving water. Presenting their habitat designs is a wonderful learning opportunity. Kids can learn from other kids' designs, and it also helps them to further examine their own ideas. 

The camel is famous for its hump, but contrary to popular beliefs they do not store water there. Instead, the hump consists of stored fat that the camel uses as an extra resource when food is scarce. However, the humps help the camel regulate their body temperature. In the desert it is very warm and hot during the day, but the temperature drops dramatically during the night. Discussions about how changes in temperatures affect our body and the way we eat, and drink is perfect for the summer classroom. A great chance to include the kids' observations and feelings about how their body react to different temperatures.

Ignite kids’ curiosity for learning by exploring the “little armored one”. Armadillos have bony plates, which makes them look like a mix of a giant insect and a medieval knight. Perfect inspiration for a story, poem or comic strip. 

Drawing an armadillo or some other animals that live in the desert is also educational fun at its very best. Kids learn a lot from making a drawing of an animal. It forces them to look carefully at the camel's hump(s), the meerkats' posture, the snake's mesmerizing eyes, or the bony armored body of the armadillo.

There is so much material that you want to teach kids. Look for resources that combine learning with hands-on, engaging activities. Read stories about the fantastic creatures that calls the desert their home. Explore the mystery of desert animals and their survival skills this summer!

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