Friday, June 16, 2023

Ocean Animals

Spend time in June to travel from the classroom to the ocean and spark meaningful and engaging conversations about ocean animals. Admittedly, it might not be possible to dive into the ocean to learn about the animals but there are great books and videos that are filled with fascinating facts. From the gentle sea turtles that are famous for their long journeys, and dolphins' acrobatic playful behavior to the seahorses' curly tails and the exciting singing of huge whales. Fascinating animals inhabit the oceans and these are just a  few examples of fascinating ocean animals with unique and amazing and even scary characteristics. Help kids feel connected to the ocean regardless of where they live. 

 Start a project about ocean animals by exploring why oceans are important. Not only is the majority over 70 per cent of our earth occupied by oceans, but the oceans also store carbon dioxide and provide more than half of the world’s oxygen. So healthy oceans are important not only to ocean animals but also to us. 

The bundle Ocean Animals contains several fascinating creatures that spend their lives in our oceans. Kids love picking their favorite animals and this is a great way to help them take ownership of their learning. Providing meaningful choices, like picking an ocean animal, allows kids to decide what they want to focus on. Regardless of which animal they choose, kids will develop the same skill and they will be motivated by focusing on a creature that they have picked themselves. The different Fact Booklets provide kids with a chance to read about ocean animals. They can carry out their own research and write about their chosen creatures. 

 If a kid loves drawing instead of writing, it is easy to diversify the learning experience. Included is also a how-to-draw booklet which is a popular way to develop drawing skills. 

Each booklet comes with suggestions for crafts. You can plan a themed day using the ocean animal crafts. The perfect way to celebrate summer while still providing engaging learning activities. Keep learning happening this June while discovering the fascinating lives of ocean animals. 

A great theme not only means happy kids it is also a great way for you to feel energized and finish the year strong with amazing activities. Use Boom cards with ocean animals to add educational math activities and encourage your kids to practice vital reading skills.

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