Saturday, April 1, 2023

April 2023 Products

April is such an inspiring month and many great things are happening both in the classroom and outside. Take time to explore how nature changes from blossoms and new leaves to warmer temperatures. There is a new energy in the classroom so make sure to take this energy and use it to explore our Earth, Climate Change, Easter and the remarkable world of Oviparous animals.

Taking place on the 22nd of April each year, Earth Day offers a wonderful opportunity to support kids thinking about their environmental footprint.  This year, the theme is “invest in our planet”.  You can talk with your kids about ways to encourage people to care and take responsibility for making our Earth a place that protects all species. How can we encourage businesses and governments to provide opportunities for everyone? How can you help? Big questions! Yet, sometimes little kids can come up with Big Ideas. The overall aim of Earth Day is to spread the message that it is important to take action and that everyone can do something. Use a fact booklet about Earth Day and Climate Change to encourage kids to learn and explore environmental issues. Make a display with poems about our Earth and writing samples. Art and craft activities are an important part of making the celebrations of our Earth extra special.

Easter falls in April this year. This a perfect opportunity to plan a project about oviparous animals. There are several ways that you can introduce oviparous animals to your kids. You can use fiction and/or fact books with easy-to-understand and clear explanations of oviparous animals. After a short introduction, kids can continue to learn more about oviparous animals using a fact booklet. 

Filling in a fact booklet with your own findings is exciting. A fact booklet is a perfect way to practice reading and if you have a child who is reluctant to write, they can draw oviparous animals and practice their drawing skills instead. How to draw Easter and How to Draw Oviparous animals are great ways to further enhance kids’ skills and confidence. Hope you have a wonderful April full of sunshine-y days. 

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