Thursday, March 10, 2022

March 2022 Reading!

Abracadabra! Spring is in the air and having spring-themed books is a great way to get kids in the mood for observing the changing season. Spring offers a wide variety of books that celebrates the arrival of baby animals, blooming flowers and trees. 

Kids learn in many different ways. Poems, fictional characters can teach lessons in new and exciting ways. So rather than simply talking about a topic, you can use stories to explore a topic. Reinforcing healthy eating and healthy habits can be done in a fun and educational way by using books. The characters in a book can be used as a tool to inspire young children to be more adventurous and taste different types of food. Combing the reading of books about food with cookery will reinforce the message to try new things.
Gardening books are a great way to help children learn about where their food comes from and who grows it. Taking time to explain words and looking at pictures give kids time to explore their curiosity and ask questions.  What do they think the fruit or vegetable tastes like? Ask open-ended questions to invite kids to explore their own ideas about healthy eating and gardening. Books can plant seeds for healthy habits,  and gardening books can spark interesting discussions about the joy and importance of gardening.

You can use historical fiction to provide a rich learning environment. Picture books are engaging and full of interesting information so they provide a great starting point for exploring events and people. Picture books also provide visual and contextual clues to how people dressed and how they lived. A great way to ensure that students learn and remember is to ask them to draw and write about the person or the event. 

History promotes multiple perspectives and history introduces children to characters who have different points of view. In addition, the characters may solve an issue or problem in a different way. March is a wonderful time to read books about amazing and fantastic women. Tailor a book display around Women’s History Month, and encourage your kids to learn about the important contributions of women throughout history.

Happy Reading!

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