Monday, November 1, 2021

November 2021 Products

November is between light and dark, warmth and cold, and living and dying. It is one of my favorite months filled with fascinating topics to explore. Discover topics that reflect on our country's history and culture. Topics such as Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos),  Native Americans, Then and Now, and Veterans Day are perfect for the November Classroom.

Learn about the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated at the beginning of the month. The holiday originated from Mexico but is now celebrated around the world, especially by people of Mexican heritage. It is a celebration of life and death. Drawing and painting activities are a wonderful way to learn about how people dress when they take part in the celebrations, for example, dressed in skeleton costumes and painted faces like Calavera or Sugar Skulls.

In many classrooms, kids may draw turkeys to mark Thanksgiving. By using engaging fact booklets kids can research why many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and who the first Pilgrims were. Many of our traditions are carried over from Native Americans, and giving thanks is central in many Native American tribes. Kids love to read about Native Americans' rich culture and history - a perfect topic for a project.

Raising awareness and sparking an interest in social studies creates curiosity about real-world issues. Comparing Then and Now is a wonderful way to support kids to discover similarities and differences. It helps them to reflect on issues they watch or read about. An engaging activity that often leads to interesting observations and discussions.

Kids may wonder who is a Veteran? Honor the men and women who have served in the armed forces on Veterans Day, the 11the of November. A flipbook is a great tool to use to make the celebrations of our veterans meaningful. Let us enjoy 

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