Friday, July 17, 2020

BOOM Cards for Distance Learning. 

Distance learning or face to face, the age of technology is flourishing. Whether you are a kindergarten reading specialist or high school chemistry teacher Boom Learning has a “deck” for you. “Decks” are essentially pre-made interactive learning activities completed on individual devices. The benefits seem endless. Besides being a fun change of pace, Boom Cards are simple to use for both teacher and student. Learning and accurate use is supported by interactive audio throughout the deck as well as immediate feedback on answers and ability to correct answers. The entire class can be assigned the same deck or differentiation can be utilized by assigning various decks to students. With a teacher subscription, student progress can be tracked and used for grading as well. 
To try out some cards go to and start with a free account. After downloading a deck, review the deck by clicking on it in your library. Share the deck with students by selecting one of the following: “action”, to assign to a class; “fast pin”, to share a link on a website or platform; or “hyperlink”, to have students sign in and track individual progress. 

Here are Boom Decks I have created geared to Pre-K through 1st grade great for summer learning at home.

Check them out at:     

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