Monday, June 1, 2020

June 2020 Resources!

Summer here we come! June brings the excitement of summer and the celebration of father’s day and the American flag. There is no better time to take your students on a safari or discover the wonders of ocean animals. The following are ideas for June lessons and activities.  Check them out at: 

End of the year! Celebrate and finish strong with this great animal safari hunt. Keep your students learning with these task cards with fun as well as tricky clues and riddles about animals.

A Father's Day fact booklet that will become a fond memory. Students will reflect on special male figures in their lives like their dad, granddad or uncle. This resource comes with a drawing activity-  the finished  mug makes a lovely gift.

Summer, sun, beach! The sunniest of all season is the perfect topic for story writing. This resource will help your students to develop their writing skills.
Summer Writing Work consists of writing activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. It's very appropriate for struggling first graders as well.  It engages your students to write about Summer activities at differentiated levels for your students.

An adorable fact booklet with a gorgeous writing activity. The bucket with seashell will make a  fantastic display or take-home piece of work. Great support to help your little readers and writers blossom.

This non-fiction book about summer is a great resource to use for discussing and studying about seasons in the pre-k/kindergarten class.

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