Friday, May 1, 2020

2020 May Resources

Welcome to May! As many of us are saddened by the realization we will finish the school year with distance learning, we are looking for ways to teach our students in a fun manner parents can easily understand. May provides many holiday events to brighten our days and teach our students such as Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Here are products timed for May and appropriate for distance learning. 

Have a great time learning about Cinco de Mayo. Celebrate this Mexican holiday by exploring the history behind the celebrations. This fact booklet comes with engaging art and writing activities.
Celebrate Cinco de May with these color by code puzzles that are perfect for distance learning. With these Cinco De Mayo puzzles your students will enjoy math, sight words and coloring while at the same time as they review Common Core Standards.

Looking for an adorable project to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Learning how to draw is a great activity to boost self-confidence and the finished drawing makes a great gift or classroom display.

Invite your students to reflect and learn about the Mother’s Day tradition. The fact booklet is perfect to use to support students to read and write about ways to celebrate their moms, grandmothers, or important mother figures in their lives.

Your students will love reading about Memorial Day using this fact booklet. This resource contains unique craftivities to help the students remember and understand what this day is about.

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