Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Using Nursery Rhymes

Who remembers growing up with nursery rhymes? I’m going to assume almost everyone. Nursery rhymes bring back such fond memories of being a child and having someone read you a story, listening to the rhymes in songs and even seeing them played out in small productions. Nursery rhymes can bring us such comfort of childhood memories but there is so much more to them than just nostalgia. Learning the rhymes was one of the very first steps in our education! They taught us about stories, other people and places, morals and consequences. It was probably the very first time we all learned how to comprehend what was being told outside of normal day to day tasks such as being hungry and asking for food. We learned to be careful of our surroundings so that we don’t get hurt. We also learned the sounds different animals make and how to count on a clock. 

Now days, does it seem there is a decline in teaching, learning, knowing nursery rhymes? Probably so! Teachers are being told to focus so much time and effort into preparing a child for testing that a lot seem to want to skip over the rhymes and story telling to devote more time to test practices. It is truly an unfortunate choice for the kids. Studies have shown that nursery rhymes can help children with language and listening. How important are those two things for kids? Hearing new stories and memorizing them will help children with communication and learning new words and how to count. By helping kids sing or say these rhymes over and over, you are helping them to understand the best methods of memorization and concentration.
Nursery rhymes not only help with skills for better education but they also help children understand how to have better self control, social skill, learn their love for music and also get those jitters out with play and acting which helps brain development. Each nursery rhyme has characters that have a different background, situation and thought process; this will also show children that they are relatable and can use the lessons learned from the story in their own similar circumstances. Now, if you ask me, it sounds like nursery rhymes are the very first steps in testing prep! Let’s make sure that we give our children the opportunity to learn as much as they can while having fun! Not to mention, we’re giving them the first glance into the joys of reading!  Check out my Nursery Rhyme products!

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