Friday, January 25, 2019

Kindness in the Classroom

Have you ever been in a really long line for coffee or to pick up dinner and you reach the window to pay the cashier only to be told that someone in front of you took care of your portion? Have you ever thought to take care of someone else's bill while you paid your own? If you've been on the receiving end of such a kind gesture, how did it make you feel? I'm sure shocked was the first reaction but after did you give a big smile? Maybe you even passed the kindness on to the person behind you. How can such a small act turn our day around so quickly! Nothing compares to the  emotion you feel by giving and receiving acts of kindness but as adults it can be hard to even remember to do something for someone else so we have to make a point to come up with ideas. Those ideas and plans are easier to plan when you involve the children in your life and also a great lesson in showing them how wonderful it feels to do something for someone else. 

It is our job as adults to coach and mentor kids into growing to be kindhearted adults.  There have been many articles written on the benefits for kids when they show kindness to others. Benefits such as lowering stress, improving overall health, aiding in concentration and and orienting goals as well as reducing bully mentality and so much more! Just these few benefits is enough of an impact that we should all sit down to write out next week's Kindness Planner! Having happier and more compassionate kids is the goal, correct? The best way to obtain that is to show them how important kindness is to you so that it'll be important to them.

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