Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Favorite September Buys!

Now that the back to school chaos has settled down, I wanted to share my two favorite September products found on my Teacherspayteachers store.  The first one is the Fact Booklet - Constitution Day.  Constitution Day is commemorated on September 17th.  How do you explain the Constitution of the United States in language young children can understand?  Introducing the concept of the Constitution in VERY simple terms usually gets the general idea across that four, five, and six  year olds can relate to. The Fact booklet about Constitution Day is a non-fiction book on Constitution Day.  It is a great resource to use for doing a research project on the constitution with your pre-k/kindergarten class. 
Included in this product is a black and white informational book about the constitution, a worksheet for note-taking and the research forms to be filled out by the child.

My second favorite September buy is the Rotation Timer.  This 12 minute automated timer may be used for any rotation groups in your classroom during Daily 5, guided reading groups, guided math groups and literacy centers.  The timer file is made in PowerPoint and is automated.  Just click on the animal and choose 2, 3, 4 or 5 centers!

This product has been tested on Windows 7 and newer versions. Functionality of this product is not guaranteed on older operating systems.

Check out my store for these two products!

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