Friday, October 16, 2015

Travel Destination: Germany!

October is a great time of year to be in Germany. Brats, bier and brotchen (Bratwurst, beer and bread) are plentiful at the many fests celebrated during this time of year, the most famous festival being Oktoberfest held in Munich.

Food is a major attraction in the country of Germany, but there are many beautiful castles, cities and country sides to enjoy as well. The changing colors of the leaves during the season of fall bring out many people for a Volksmarch which is usually a 5k or 10k walk on a pre-determined path.

Germany is also referred to as the “Land der Dichter and Denker” which means the country of poets and thinkers. One of the most famous thinkers born in Germany is Albert Einstein.

So pack your bags (and your lederhosen and dirndls) and take your class on a “trip” to the beautiful country of Germany with some samples of good German food, building your own castle or even go on a Volksmarch!

Pictures of Germany


Four Seasons of Germany:
Traditional Foods :



Our own future Einsteins:

Picture of Science Snacks:




Miss Beezy and her family in their traditional German outfits:



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