Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Power of Words

Where do we find letters and words? Everywhere! Why is it important to know about letters and words? We use them to read and write! This is a chant we say with our classes to help them realize the value of knowing letters, sounds and words. Whether you do it with environmental print, word walls, interest word charts, sight word activities, etc., you are giving children the power to become readers and writers. And WOW, our student’s use of their word power is showing up everywhere in they’re reading and writing! So we hope you can use some of these activities to keep the power of words strong in your classroom too.

Favorite Sight Word Apps:
Touch Fire  App:  The app Touch Fire can be used to write sight words in fire or sparks on the iPad.
Word Clouds a free app from  Students type in the words and the app creates the word cloud. Students can choose color schemes, fonts, etc...
Phonics Genius app covers over 200 phonics patterns ! It covers every pattern a teacher would need to teach. There is an option for students to record themselves reading the word. 
Magnetic ABC iPad is an edition of the old fashioned magnetic board suitable for kids of all ages!


Youtube videos on working with sight words:
Teaching sight words is simple.  Sight words are divided into  colored groups.  They are sent home weekly with the form below so that parents may also keep track of how their child is doing.  When they are ready to be tested, they earn  the right to wear Level 1 shirt  (yellow level).  Then level 2 shirts gives them the honor to wear orange shirt, Level 3 is red and learning all the Dolch words will earn them the blue shirt. Colored bracelets are sent home for those last few words! 
Working with Words Pinterest Board: 

iPads in theClassroom Pinterest Board:


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