Sunday, June 1, 2014

My, My Time Flies!

Another school year is almost over! It always amazes us how much “our” children grow over a school year physically, socially and academically. And we always wonder what happened to the time, if only we had a little bit longer!

One of the disadvantages of teaching on a military base is we don’t get to see our students continue to learn and grow from year to year. The constant moving that military families do makes it very difficult to keep in touch. Facebook (and other social media) has been helpful in that aspect. As a matter of fact, we got several Facebook messages recently about our pre-k and kinder babies graduating from high school. We even got some from students graduating from college! Yikes, time does fly!

We asked the students to name one thing they learned in Kindergarten.  This is what they said:

We also asked why they were excited about going to first grade:

Other End of Year Activities:

Live interviews (Chatterpix):

Kindness Books:  No More Pencils, No More Books,
No More Teacher’s Dirty Looks! by Diane Degroat and The Last Day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen

A message from S’s twin to S who’s  moved on with her family.  We miss her but with social media – we’ll be able to keep in touch! (by the way - twins were created in Ms. G's art class).

I leave you with a Smilebox of Ms. G’s pictures from a favorite summer vacation spot for Americans living abroad!

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Have an AWESOME summer!

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  1. The kids did indeed enjoy drawing their memories too! Does bring back memories doesn't it?